The Ledge Games is a family friendly event that is entertaining for everybody! Come out and cheer on your favorite competitors as they compete for the crown.

The Ledge Games is a very active event, and it is expected that all children are under close supervision of a parent or guardian. Axes are being thrown, arrows are being shot, hammers are being tossed...safety is top priority. Spectators are not allowed in any of the competition areas because of this. We don't want to have to ask anybody to leave for being unsafe, but we won't hesitate to do so if necessary.

  • If you are 21 or older, a wrist band will be required which you need to get at the event.
  • Bring your beards & wear your flannels!


Photography & videography is encouraged. Entrance onto the event premises provides us with your permission to use event photographs & videos for event promotional purposes.



Items found before, during, or after the event should be turned into the main registration area. Items may be passed to the local authority, donated to charity or disposed of at the discretion of management after 30 days.



The following behavior is not permitted on the event grounds:

  • NO SMOKING – Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Event Area
  • Guests found in possession of contraband items will be subject to expulsion from the Event Area and the contraband items confiscated
  • Disorderly conduct and/or throwing of projectiles
  • Panhandling or soliciting
  • Loitering in or entering competition areas without being called into the area by a Volunteer, Staff member or Judge


The following items are not permitted on the event grounds: 

  • Outside alcohol or other beverages of any kind
  • Bottles, cans, growlers and/or camelbacks purchased outside the Event Area
  • Food or drink purchased outside the Event Area
  • Coolers
  • Frisbees and/or beach balls
  • Animals other than service animals
  • Any noise making devices, specifically air horns with sirens and/or whistles
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal drugs
  • Weapons and dangerous devices of any type